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Painter Reid Masselink begins a painting on the Chêne de Sully (Sully Oak) near Denecourt Trail number 6 (sentier Denecourt n°6, Les Gorges d'Apremont) in the Fontainebleau forest of France, near Barbizon. The oak is over 400 years old, and during the 19th century old twisted trees like this were preferred motifs of the painters from the nearby Barbizon artist colony. The artists, lead by Théodore Rousseau, protested when the old oaks were cut down and pine trees were planted. In 1861, their pleas were heard by Emperor Napoleon III, who agreed to create what some historians now consider the world's first nature reserve. Eleven years before Yellowstone National Park was founded in the United States, Napoleon III's decree preserved parts of the Fontainebleau forest for "artistic purposes," forbidding logging, quarrying and construction.