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Dr. Richard Yanos Yanos checks the skin color of the hands against the color of the abdomen of patient Leydi Jazmin Huaqui Gonzales, 9, inside the doctor's office at the health clinic in the Paragsha neighborhood of Cerro de Pasco on June 20, 2013. All five of Sonia Gonzales' children have very high lead blood levels, including Gisella Pablo Gonzales, 13, 19.42 lead level; Leydi Jazmin Huaqui Gonzales, 9, 17.78; Sonia Rosemery Huaqui Gonzales, 8, 16.63; Luis Carlos Huaqui Gonzales, 6, 12.86 lead level; and Anthony Davis Huaqui Gonzales, 2, 12.30 lead level.